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A statewide program that starts treating young people with schizophrenia and related disorders less than two years after symptoms begin is helping participants stay or transition into the workplace and college, data show. READ THE STORY

Frustration! I want to do more in my life but can’t. It’s a burden I feel in maintaining my state of recovery from major depressive disorder and generalized anxiety disorder…unless I fall back into being on an ugly treadmill. That would mean doing endless tasks mindlessly and suppressing my emotions instead of recognizing, managing, and benefiting from feeling them. It would mean just “gritting and bearing it.” I lived in that unhealthy pattern for too many years and I don’t want to slide back. READ THE STORY

Patients with schizophrenia are often treated with more than one type of psychiatric medication, but a new study suggests that some combinations may be more effective than others. The findings were published in JAMA Psychiatry. READ THE STORY